Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My inspiration has always been the divine appreciation for all things beautiful. Since I was a child of about eight or so I’ve had a fascination for homes.  I used to look at moldings, trims, banisters, sinks, stoves and oh gosh the ceilings.  I can’t explain it, maybe some residual past life stuff there, but perhaps growing up poor and seeing  beautiful versions of something we had at home held for me some little déjà vu factor.  I clearly remember a mansion that we used to visit in a town I lived in as a child called Vineland, in Southern New Jersey.  My mom had a friend that lived there – no, not the whole house, it had been chopped up into these little apartment rentals. It was so sad.  It was here that I sat mezmerized with this ugly artificial wall that I knew didn’t belong to the rest of the room with this huge brown polished banister sticking out of the end of it.  Immediately I wanted to imagine what the rest of the house looked like.  The kitchen area had this enormous white porcelain sink that must have weighed a ton and had an apron in the front and its own backsplash that went up about a two feet then curved towards the wall.  I can also see in my mind the enormous windows over the sink with little panes.  It’s haunting how I will never forget this house, and a few years back I even tried to look for it on Google earth and couldn’t find it, but it’s where it all started … my love of all things beautiful.
My first peony. 

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