Monday, September 24, 2012

Let it Rain

I'm so happy to write that we have roofing paper down and we don't have to sweat the rain.  We are taking a few weeks off and then we can start roofing (hopefully).  I'm so bummed about not having a metal roof though.  It was such a lovely weekend and I'm so thankful for the wonderful people that have given us their time to help with the building.  We are also at a road block for the siding.  We were told it wasn't going to be a problem getting the wood at cost and now apparently it's not happening.  Gosh I used to think that a persons word meant something.  Well maybe in the "olden" days.  Guess we have to go to plan B, or C.  Wood is so darn expensive right now maybe we can find an old barn that needs to be hauled away.

Looks pretty cool huh?

The dogs are excited too.


Wendy Garrish said...

Oh, what fun! We have talked about doing something similar, but between kid schedules, etc., it won't be any time soon for us. I will look forward to reading about and seeing your cabin as it comes along!

-Wendy @ and BYW

mundart said...

Great dogs! ;-)